"Come on! Let's wrestle!"

-Daisy June McCoy, driver of Gator Bait.

Gator Bait is one of the main protagonist vehicles and is piloted by Daisy June McCoy.

Character Bio Edit

Once a stump-jumpin' bayou racer, Daisy has converted her airboat into a prop driven instrument of destruction guar-on-teed to slit your chitlins.

Type of Vehicle: 4-wheeled Airboat


Top Speed: 7/10

Handling: 9/10

Armor: 3/10

Mass: 4/10

Special Weapon: Chicken Lickin'- Sends a tornado made of chickens. This attack will cause opponents to take damage if they get too close.

Quotes Edit

"Come on! Let's wrestle!" -When selected

"Fried chicken!" -When you defeat her

Trivia Edit

  • Her vehicle resembles a bit like Grasshopper and Pit Viper, two vehicles from Twisted Metal 2 and Twisted Metal repsectively. Both these games were developed by SingleTrac.
  • The vehicle name is parody of Gatorade, a popular sports drink.
  • Her appearance may be a parody of Daisy Duke from The Dukes of Hazard.
  • She along with Bitchin' Wheels have special weapons using animals.
  • The "chicken lickin'" along with "Fried Chicken" quote may be a reference to Kentucky Fried Chicken, famous for their fried chicken and chicken licking.
  • The "Chicken Lickin'" line is a parody of the fairy tale with the same name.