"Here's spit in your eye!"

-Snake Eye Shaddock, driver of Sidewinder

Sidewinder is one of the main playable protagnistt vehicles. It is piloted by Snake Eye Shaddock.

Character Bio Edit

This cyber-cowboy is a hard-driving, high strung, hard-case with a mechanical arm and a monocular laser sight from which he takes his name.

Type of Vehicle: Dune Buggy


Top Speed: 8/10

Handling: 8/10

Armor: 5/10

Mass: 4/10

Special Weapon: Exploding Arrow- Launches an arrow and then explodes as soon as it sticks onto an opponent or obstacle

Quotes Edit

"Here's spit in your eye!" -When selected

"Never did like snakes!" -When defeated

Trivia Edit

  • His dune buggy may be based off the one from Mad Max.
  • A sidewinder is a type of snake that lives in a desert which is fitting, since both the vehicle and driver come from the desert.
  • It's unknown how he lost his arm or how he got his laser eye.