"Duh...I'll put the hurt on 'em."

-Francis "Legs" McGee, driver of Vermin

Vermin is one of the playable protagonist vehicles. It is piloted by ex-pro-wrestler, Francis "Legs" McGee.

Character Bio Edit

This former pro-wrestler is a sensitive guy who knows how to hurt. He prefers to run away and then prance, er...POUNCE, when you least expect it.

Type of vehicle: 1940's Ford Coupe


Top Speed: 10/10

Handling: 8/10

Armor: 4/10

Mass: 3/10

Special Weapon: Disrupt-o-ray- Shoots out a small purple energy ball which will disrupt and stun any vehicles that get hit.

Quotes Edit

"Duh...I'll put the hurt on 'em!" -When selected

"He just didn't measure up!" -When defeated